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In order to honour the traditions and legacy of past generations, Heikki and Tuula built Oivangin lomakartano on the same ancient dwellings where the Sami people used to live. Today, also the son Kalle is working in the family business and continuing the story and fine traditions of Oivangin lomakartano.

People have been living on the shores of Oivanki’s lakes in Kuusamo for thousands of years. People respected the surrounding countryside, living in harmony with the nature. They have made their livelihood from fishing, hunting and foraging from the nature. A little later the Sami people followed their example and built their summer huts on the same lakesides. The surrounding waters and woods appeared to be rich for the Sami people as well. Many names of dwellings and lakes along with several local legends and beliefs originated during this Sami period.

Private restaurant Ukonkivi and the four log chalets offer the perfect place for the most important moments of your life. All the Oivanki chalets are located on the shores of beautiful lakes in the middle of a northern forest. All the surrounding lakes are known for their clean waters and fish variety. The log chalets of Oivangin lomakartano are suitable for company meetings, family celebrations or a holiday place for friends and family.

The traditional and elegant dining hall of the private restaurant Ukonkivi is perfect for weddings, Christmas parties, business meetings and family gatherings. Ukonkivi offers an atmospheric setting also for á la carte candlelit dinners, for example late summer’s crayfish parties. We are proud of the delicious meals of our restaurant kitchen. We use fresh ingredients found in nature with special preference to ingredients produced locally. We wish to prepare traditional and delicious food with a modern touch with the specialities of the season.

Restaurant Ukonkivi

Enjoy, listen and experience with all your senses. Join your host Heikki and collect the fish from the nets, experience the thrill of a husky safari through a snowy forest as the snow crystals sparkle like diamonds, or taste the traditional Finnish bread freshly baked by your hostess Tuula. We wish you all a very warm welcome!

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Juhannusyöt - Midsummer nights ✨ #nightlessnight #midsummer #visitkuusamo #rukakuusamo #oivanginlomakartano #yötönyö #arcticsummer

Oivangin Lomakartano
June 24.

Yöttömät yöt ovat kohta taas täällä 💛 The nightless nights are here soon 💛 In June the sun does not set at all and you…

Oivangin Lomakartano
June 2.

Here is video from Oulanka National Park. You see how the river Oulanka is flooding this time of year.

Oivangin Lomakartano
May 25.

Kevättä ilmassa ja tulva-aika, kuva napattu viikko sitten päiväretkeltä Oulangalta - Spring time, throwback to last weekend when hiking in Oulanka 🌊☀ #visitkuusamo #rukakuusamo #coordinatesofnature…

Oivangin Lomakartano
May 25.

Ihanaa äitienpäivää! Oivangin Lomakartanossa hemmoteltiin tänään äitejä perinteisesti herkullisella buffetilla ❤ Happy Mother's Day, hope you had a wonderful Sunday ❤ #äitienpäivä #oivanginlomakartano #ukonkivi #kuusamo…

Oivangin Lomakartano
May 12.

Tule meille töihin! Oletko ehtinyt kartuttamaan jo jonkin verran kokemusta ravintola-alalta? Inspiroidutko laadukkaista pohjoisen luonnon raaka-aineista? Kaipailemme nyt lisää vahvistuksia talvikauden ajaksi Oivangin Lomakartanon tilausravintola…

Oivangin Lomakartano
April 29.

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